Archives for March 2014

Chicken Meatballs with Mushroom and Basil Sauce

You might think someone whose book has “meatballs” in the title would have a good recipe not only for beef meatballs but also for chicken. I didn’t though—until now. I think it took me so long because I had some high demands. Flavorful and fresh, of course. Not heavy or gooey like Swedish meatballs, but […]

Buricche (Jewish-Italian Pastry Turnovers) with Drunken Figs and Mascarpone

Although I love hamantaschen for Purim, I do think Italy’s Jews have a pretty fabulous take on the tradition of filled foods for the holiday. Their approach? Buricche, or puff pastry turnovers. As the name implies, these are related to the boreka, a turnover of Turkish origin that is now a popular throughout Israel. Cultures […]

Ode to Oven

To my dear deceased GE Spectra gas range: I know you and I did not always agree on everything. Like how long is reasonable for roasting a turkey and how many dishes you could bake at the same time. But nonetheless, you steadfastly cooked for me for years. As we part ways and I think […]