Strawberry and Mint Granita

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DSC_7108 copyThere’s not much that’s truly simple about Passover cooking. I think that’s why a granita seemed like such an appealing addition to my playbook. This Sicilian frozen sweet is not only easy but also fresh and refreshing plus it requires just a few ingredients, looks beautiful, and is a versatile nondairy and pareve dish. It can be dessert, but I’m particularly excited to use it as an intermezzo, a quick palate refresher between early courses of soups, salads, or gefilte fish and the main event.

DSC_7074 copy

The fresh strawberries at the markets called out to be my base flavor, but you can use other berries here if you prefer. Orange is a traditional ingredient in many Mediterranean Jewish almond cakes for Passover, so it keeps the spirit of regional holiday fare but more importantly brightens the flavor of the berries nicely. I threw in just enough fresh mint for a hint of clean herbal freshness—making it even better for the intermezzo role.

DSC_7076 copy


DSC_7083 copy

All you need is a blender or processor, a 9 x 13 nonstick metal pan, a minute or two to stir your mixture every 20-30 minutes until all the liquid turns to ice crystals (this usually takes about 3 stirs). You can make this up to a day ahead—another bonus if you are serving it during a complicated holiday meal. Extra berries and mint leaves make festive garnishes for serving, but really you can let this be a delightfully no-fuss and incredibly flavorful addition to your menu.



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