Breakfast Rainbow Quinoa Bowl

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Passover breakfasts. Ah, almost as daunting as Passover desserts, especially for those who enjoy cereal or toast for the morning meal. Weekday breakfasts are not something I usually want to spend much time on, and I also aim to have those first bites of the workday be relatively nutritious and good for me (that generally excludes matzah which, after a couple of days, I’m ready to start scaling back on anyway). Among quick Passover-friendly (and gluten-free) options like yogurt and fruit, sliced apples or celery sticks with almond butter, or a smoothie, another is putting quinoa to work as a breakfast grain. If you make a big batch of quinoa and keep it in the fridge, you can assemble a quinoa breakfast bowl in minutes. This recipe forms more of a template than anything else; use the add-ins that you have on hand and enjoy the most.



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