New Favorite All-Season Lemon Bars

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These lemon bars do so many things right. Most important, they balance all the delightful contrasts in a good bar—soft, creamy filling and dense crust, sweetness and tartness, fruitiness and nuttiness. But they are also gluten-free and Passover-friendly, and sport a nutritious whole grain base. Thanks to quinoa flour, the crust holds nice structure and offers just a little nutty flavor. The lemon topping here resembles a luscious lemon curd and remains quite soft. Although the raspberry garnish is optional, its flavor goes amazingly well with the bar. Find this new recipe—plus an amazing recipe for Chocolate Pecan Pie (also GF and Passover-friendly)—along with my latest article for Jewish Food Experience, Hack Your Way to a Perfect Passover.

Here are a couple of photos of recipe steps.

Lining your pan with overhanging foil will make it easy to remove the finished bars. Before adding the filling, bake the crust until nicely golden brown.

Briefly cooking the filling helps it thicken and reduces the time in the oven. As you stir, the filling should come to a boil and thicken. After that, keep stirring vigorously another 30 seconds or so to make sure it fully thickens (a layer of it it should cling to your spoon). As you can see here, there will be some small lumps. Press the mixture through fine-mesh strainer to remove them if you like. But I found that they are not noticeable in the finished bars topped with confectioners’ sugar.



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